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What is a scale?

A scale is defined as any consecutive collection of notes that forms a progression between a note and its octave. Most scales go up or down by an octave after which they repeat an octave higher (up) or lower (down). Going up the notes in a scale is called ascending and going down a scale is called descending. The word scale is derived from the Latin scala which means 'ladder'.

The notes in a scale divide the octave into a series of steps (or intervals). The size and order of theses intervals give the scale a characteristic sound. In general there is no restriction on the size of the steps between scale notes (see microtonal music) but on a guitar fretboard the octave is divided into 12 semi-tone steps. Playing a scale on the guitar by going up one fret at a time will produce a chromatic scale with 12 notes in the octave.

The Scale Library

You can find all the scale types in database listed below. We currently have 401 scales and are always adding more!:

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